10 Special Father's Day Gift Ideas for Engineer Dads

It's Father's day so why not get partially prepared with our great Father's Day gift ideas for engineers. Today is the time to honor everything dads' have done for their children through the ages. But what do you buy for an engineer dad? A simple tie may not cut the mustard.

You really need to think outside of the box, anything from DIY kits to tech-based gadgets is probably more suitable. You could of course just take them to the pub (and pay), that'll usually do the trick. But for those who want to give their dad something to keep, here are a few suggestions for your contemplation. The following is an arbitrarily chosen selection and are in no particular order. We do hope it gives you some food for thought. Enjoy.

On behalf of us all here at IE, happy Father's Day to all engineering fathers out there.

1. Picture frame

This picture frame comes complete with a useful explanation of what an engineer actually is. They can use it to explain what they do for a living to anyone who asks. All they need to do is point to the frame and problem solved. Your engineer dad will be very pleased indeed with this labor-saving device. All that for a mere $25.

[Image Source: NeuronsNotIncluded]

2. Beer Brewing Kit

Go one step further than a session down the local, buy your engineer father a brewing kit! What better Father's Day gift than this? There are many, many options out there for you to select from. Let them brew their own batch of wonderful beery goodness. Most kits let you brew about a gallon or 3.78liters, some a lot more. Kits range in what they supply and some come as all-in-ones.

The Oktoberfest Ale Beer Brewing Kit, for example, comes complete with malt extract, grains, hops and high-quality yeast. You also get a demijohn, airlock, rubber stopper, transfer tube, and clamp, racking cane, thermometer, funnel and of course instructions. Nice and all for just $45.

[Image Source: UncommonGoods]

3. DIY synthesizer

Well now, what have we here? If your engineer dad has a penchant for music they will certainly appreciate this little beauty. LittleBits have produced a build-it-yourself kit which is essentially electronics modules that snap together to create a number of devices. Surely a worthy entry on our list of gift ideas for engineer dads and it will "only" set you back $159.

4. Lifehack book

Would your dad like to know how to build a device to find out if a $20 note is fake? Perhaps they'd love to find out how to generate battery power with simple household items? This book is a must for any tinkering father. The "Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things" series of 3 books is everything they'll ever need. And all for just $20. 

[Image Source: ThinkGeek]

5. Beagle Bone Black Starter Pack

Adafruit have produced a neat little starter pack that you can use for just about any electronics project. Be it robotics, drones, home automation and much more. The kit includes a Beagle Bone Black development board with ARM Cortex-A8 processor, 512Mb RAM and 4GB storage, as well as various other circuit boards, power adaptors, and wires. This pack is geared towards the more advanced tinkerer and is perfect for prototyping projects. It costs around $90 and is a great Father's Day gift.

[Image Source: AdaFruit]

6. Plug and Play 3D printer

Alright a little pricey, but think of it as a birthday and Christmas present in one? What better gift to give an engineer dad than a device he can create practically anything his imagination can create? The XYZprinting da Vinci 1.0 is an all-in-one platform that works out of the box. Plug it in and print away, in 3D! Nice. It does cost $500 but you can consider it more of an investment than a Father's Day gift.

[Image Source: MicroCenter]

7. Desktop robotic arm

Does your dad need a hand when he's working from home? Perhaps something to hand him a pen or his coffee? Why not get them a helpful robotic arm? Although this example is the most complex of robotic devices it'll still be fun to build and play with it once assembled. And it only costs $38.

[Image Source: Amazon]

8. Remote control machines

Instead of buying an out of the box robot why not let your dad design and build their own? Once assembled and programmed these little beauties will do pretty much anything you want? Within reason, they are made of plastic. Your dad will have great fun tinkering with them and design an awesome automaton to do their bidding. All this for only $52 what a great Father's Day gift.

[Image Source: Amazon]

9. R2-D2 USB Car Charger

Oh yes! It's R2-D2 in your car and "he" charges your phone! Amazing, he even looks like he's sat in an X-Wing when plonked in a drink holder. He can help your dad be the envy of his colleagues and charge two USB devices simultaneously. All this awesomeness costs just over $30.

[Image Source: ThinkGeek]

10. Solar smartphone charger

So long as its daytime your dad will never run out of charge again. This cheeky little number works anywhere with sunlight and can be attached to windows during car, train or even plane journeys. Pretty neat and only £30.

[Image Source: Amazon]

Bonus - Near perpetual motion gadget

Wow, what a cool gadget to keep you dad entertained for hours. This machine uses solar power to supply motors to keep the marble in perpetual motion! Fascinating and pretty attractive, this device would look awesome on any desk! What a great Father's Day gift and it'll only set you back $40.

So there you go. Some ideas for you to mull over. Any of them take your fancy? The above have been hand selected and are far from an exhaustive or definitive list. Do you have any suggestions? Which ones would your dad love for a Father's Day gift? Let us know in the comments.

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