Smuggler Attempts to Sneak Python On Plane in a Hard Drive

Smugglers are known for their creative endeavors in getting cargo abroad. One such recent attempt, however, was luckily thwarted by clever Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents.

Officers at the Miami International Airport seized a python hidden inside a hard drive on Monday. The passenger was heading to the Grantley Adams International Airport (BGI) in Barbados along with her suspicious belongings.

No threat unnoticed

The event was broadcast on the agency's social media accounts. TSA spokesperson Sari Koshetz shared a picture of the concealed snake on Twitter with a warning stating that “you can’t hide any threat from us.”

TSA Officers at MIA intercepted this Ball or Royal Python artfully concealed inside a hard drive. This organic mass was not explosive, but it shows you can’t hide any threat from us.

— TSAmedia_SariK (@TSAmedia_SariK) 9 July 2018

Once the trapped animal was found, a bomb expert was also called to ensure the plane and passengers safety. The agency explained on Instagram that while the "python itself posed no danger to anyone on the aircraft" any organic item inside electronics would be flagged as a security concern.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service was notified and proceeded to apprehend the snake. They also cited the attempted smuggler but did not reveal her identity to the public.

Snakes on a Plane for real

The incident is reminiscent of 2006 cult film Snakes on a Plane featuring Samuel L. Jackson as agent Neville Flynn, an officer who finds himself on a plane overtaken by snakes. The TSA referred to the cult classic in their Instagram post saying Jackson's character "Agent Neville Flynn would be extremely proud of our officers at the Miami International Airport (MIA)."

"You see, Agent Flynn has HAD IT with snakes on planes," continued the post quoting Jackson's now famous one-liner. The agency also expressed sympathy for the trapped animal who was also bundled up in a nylon stocking.

"If you think airplane seats can feel constricting, imagine how this little guy felt! Talk about bad memories!" said the post.

TSA's website states that the organization's mission is to "Protect the nation's transportation systems to ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce." Its agents are responsible for conducting "security screening of passengers, baggage and cargo at airports to prevent any deadly or dangerous objects from being transported onto an aircraft."

However, not all people are happy with the agency's work. This week an NFL player complained on Twitter that TSA officers dumped his mother's ashes over the inside of his suitcase and left only a note in retribution.

1: We're very sorry to hear about this. We understand the emotional stress travelers are under when transporting the remains of a loved one. Our policies and procedures focus on ensuring that all passengers are treated with dignity, respect and courtesy.

— AskTSA (@AskTSA) 9 July 2018

The agency issued an apology through Twitter and wrote an official blog concerning the incident. However, the player was not satisfied with the response and wrote back a few choice words not suitable for reprint.

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