Build Your Dream Home with This Professional Design Software

When it comes to design and home modeling, Ashampoo reigns supreme. Used by everyone from professional architects and contractors to enthusiastic interior designers, this powerful software lets you build uniquely detailed and accurate models of your dream home, and Ashampoo 3D CAD Architecture 6 is currently available for 75% off at $19.99.

Whether you’re building your dream home from scratch or simply want to redecorate and renovate your kitchen, this software ensures that no detail will go unnoticed.

Building realistic models of future home renovations is notoriously tricky, and far too many people are needlessly disappointed by the final result, which all too often fails to line up with their creative vision.

Ashampoo remedies this problem once and for all by using an integrated step-by-step wizard to help you build stunningly realistic 2D and 3D renderings of your dream home or renovation.

There are countless rendering tools and graphics to help you complete any interior design scenario, and you’ll be able to view cross-sections of any project in order to focus on the most important areas and aspects of your renovation.

Ashampoo lets you load, edit, and save new 3D objects through a variety of third party programs including SketchUp and Collada, and you’ll be able to use both generic and brand-specific models to ensure that the final result is perfect.

You’ll even be able to plan sophisticated photovoltaic systems in minutes thanks to a variety of intuitive input aids, and you can apply 3D surfaces to single walls or even entire building facades in just a few clicks.

Build your dream home or complete that perfect renovation with help from Ashampoo 3D CAD Architecture 6. It’s currently available for just $19.99—75% off its usual price.

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